Applicable Versions: 5.05.0036 and above

When a user logs in to DataPA OpenAnalytics, they are assigned a username and user group as defined in the server settings screen. To add a filter the data for a specific user, your data must include a column that contains either the user name to which the data is related, or the user group to which the data is related. If no such column exists, you can add a calculated column to the data to derive these values from the existing data. For instance, you could add a calculated column called group, and if the country column had a value of United Kingdom, assign the calculated column the value of UK Managers etc.

Once you have a column that contains either the username or group you can now create filters on dashboard objects to filter the data using this column. You can apply filters to any object on a dashboard by clicking on the filter button () on the data tab of the object definition window. This opens the filter builder dialog, where you can add filter conditions by selecting the Add button to open the define filter screen. In the filter condition screen, choose a fixed condition, select the column that contains the user or group value as the column you wish to create the condition against. Finally, in the list of values you will see both the user name and the user group listed, select whichever of these is appropriate.