Applicable Versions: 4.05.000 Onwards

"When I open DataPA Enterprise in a web browser, I get the error 'No valid DataPA OpenAnalytics Enterprise license has been applied to this server';. How do I fix this?" describes how to apply a license to a new installation of DataPA Enterprise. However in certain circumstances (such as applying a license with an increased number of agents) you may wish to apply a different license to an instance of DataPA Enterprise that already has a license applied. To achieve this, follow these steps;

  1. If your Data Location is already set to the DataPA Enterprise server you wish to apply the license to, skip to step 7.
  2. Open the security screen.
  3. Select the Data Location tab.
  4. Select Stored on a DataPA Enterprise Server.
  5. Enter the hostname or ip address of the server.

  6. Press OK. 
  7. Open the Manage Server screen
  8. Click on the Agents tab.
  9. Press the Enter License Code button.
  10. Enter you new license and press OK.