Because the QAD MFG/PRO database has field names which are unique the import default database links does not return any records. This is the same result as if you ran the DB Relations report in the Progress Data Dictionary.

In order to quickly and easily set up links in DataPA for this database you can use the QAD Progress Results qc7 file. This file contains details of most links in the QAD database.

To do this in DataPA open the DataPA Setup screen and from the menu select Edit and then Import / Export.

You will be presented with the screen below. Select the Import Links from Results and click Next

Next you need to select the Results qc7 file that you want to use. Download the one that is appropriate for your version of QAD.

For eB2 use qaddbeb2.qc7 below.

For eB2.1 use qaddbeb21.qc7 below.

Once you have selected the qc7 file click Next.


In this step you need to select the system you want to import the links into from the dropdown list. You can lso specify whether or not you want to overwrite any existing links with those imported from the qc7 file.

DataPA will then import and validate the links and any errors will be reported to you at the end of that process.