Applies to v6.0 to V6.00.0135

If you are using DataPA Enterprise over HTTPS/ SSL, it may be necessary to configure the DataPA Enterprise Service to also use this secure connection.

Some browsers will not permit communication from a secure (https) connection to an insecure (http) connection.  The following will configure the Enterprise Service to use your server's SSL certificate and enable a secure communication from the web portal to the service:

  • Find the SSL certificate used to secure DataPA Enterprise.  This can be done using the 'Certificates' snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).  Connect as the Computer Account.  The certificate may reside under Personal or Trusted Root Certificates; check with the server administrator as to which certificate to look for and where.
  • Acquire the certificate's thumbprint from the certificate details in MMC.
  • Run the following from the command line to associate the DataPA Enterprise Service with the certificate:
    • netsh http add sslcert ipport= Service Hub port
                 certhash=thumbprint with spaces removed
    •  The Enterpise Service Hub Port can be found in the Server Settings, in the Tuning section.
  • In the DataPA Enterprise Server Settings, adjacent to the Enterprise Service Hub Port in Tuning, ensure 'Use SSL' is on.
  • Save the settings, restart the Enterprise Service, then refresh your browser.