Applicable versions: 6.0 and onwards

Please also see this article on how to change the port on which the DataPA Enterprise Service runs

To run the DataPA Enterprise web portal on a different port to that of the default port 80, use the IIS Manager to change the port mapping for the web site under which DataPA runs (usually the Default Web Site), like so:

To change the port, select the appropriate binding and click Edit.
In v6.0, there is a second step required.  We have introduced a second web site, named datapaenterprisespa.  One of the functions of this secondary site is to serve security tokens to the various processes in DataPA Enterprise.  To ensure they are aware of the new port, you must add, or edit, <install drive>:\ProgramData\DataPA\enterprise.cfg
The contents of this file are JSON-notation properties.  To ensure the correct port is used for tokens, the TokenEndpoint and WebLocation properties should be changed accordingly, like so:
          TokenEndpoint: "http://localhost:81/datapaenterprisespa/token",
                    WebLocation: "http://localhost:81/datapaenterprisespa"
After doing so, restart the DataPA Enterprise Service, and the DataPA Application Pool in the IIS Manager.