Applicable Versions: All

The AIA configuration in the file contains a setting called soReadTimeout. This setting defaults to 240, and is described as;

Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, the Aia adapter will wait for a response from an appserver before sending a "keepalive" message to the client. The value of 0 specifies that the "keepalive" message is not used. If the property is not specified, the default value (240) will be assumed.

During the execution of a business logic query, the Progress OpenClient assembly used by DataPA OpenAnalytics closes the TCP connection if this idle connection timeout setting is exceeded. In these circumstances the Aia log file will contain errors.

To fix this issue, change the line that reads soReadTimeout=240 under the heading [AIA] such that you increase the timeout beyond the maximum time your business logic procedure will run, or to 0 to prevent these "keepalive" messages altogether. Once changed, restart the Java Servlet Engine and AppServer.

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