Applicable Versions: 4.05.0084 and above

"How can I pass a parameter to a dashboard using the URL?" describes how to refresh data in a dashboard, passing a parameter from your Application. You may also wish to control which connection or connections each query is refreshed agaist. You can do this with a value pair in the following format;


where [QUERY NAME] is the name of the query and [CONNECTION NAME] is the name of the connection. For instance, if my dashboard contained a query called Customer Orders and I wanted this query to be refreshed against a connection called localhost, I might use the following URL;


or the following form;

<form action=""http://localhost/DataPA/Dashboard.aspx"">
<input type=""hidden"" name=""ID"" value=""facb33bb-4beb-4a8f-b5af-cda8bc1c69b5"">
<input type=""hidden"" name=""autoLogin"" value=""true"">
<input type=""hidden"" name=""username"" value=""Nick"">
<input type=""hidden"" name=""password"" value=""password"">
<input type=""hidden"" name=""Customer Orders-Connection"" value=""localhost"">
<input type=""submit"" name=""Submit"" value=""Open Dashboard"">