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In most corporate environments, you will want to store your setup files centrally on an AppServer so they can be controlled centrally. To do this you will need to change your DataLocation to point to an AppServer (see "How do I store my setup centrally on the server rather than on each client?"). If you are a developer embedding DataPA into your own application, you can use the DataPA API to change the DataLocation prior to creating any other DataPA objects.

The data files are loaded from the DataLocation as soon as a DataPA Application object is created. As such, if we want to change the DataLocation, we need to do it BEFORE the DataPA.Application object is created. To facilitate this, the DataPA Automation objects library includes a distinct object called the DataPA.AdminObj. The DataPA.AdminObj has a property called DataLocation to allow us to query and set the DataLocation.

The code to set the DataLOcation should be as follows...

ABL Syntax
CREATE ""DataPA.AdminObj"" chAdminObj.
chAdminObj:DataLocation = “AppServer://localhost/sports2000”.

VB.NET Syntax
Dim AdminObj As New DataPA.AdminObj
AdminObj.DataLocation = “AppServer://localhost/sports2000”
AdminObj = Nothing

Progress .NET For GUI Syntax
AdminObj = New DataPA:AdminObjClass().
AdminObj:DataLocation = “AppServer://localhost/sports2000”.
AdminObj = ?.